Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick and Easy

Christmas cookies are probably my favorite thing to bake. I am pretty sure this stems from the fabulous holiday traditions we had as I was growing up. For a many many years, we would go to Gram's house for a huge Thanksgiving dinner and we would spend the night there as well. On Friday morning, after a breakfast of grape juice and powdered sugar donuts, we would start to bake. We made all the family favorites. Peppernuts, molasses cookies, thumbprints, something with dates in it, you name it, we made it.

I still make all the family favorites. I might even have to make peppernuts this year if Mom doesn't get around to it :) But every year I love to try something new. I am a sucker for all the magazines at the check stands that are covered with the prettiest cookies you have ever seen. The December issue of Better Homes and Gardens this year was no exception and if you turn to page 28, you will see my latest endeavor. Best of all, no baking required which looks like it is going to be my best bet this Christmas!

They are simply white chocolate covered Oreos that are decorated to look like ornaments!

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