Monday, May 10, 2010

It’s Party Central Around Here


We have obviously not mastered the art of blogging on a regular basis but I think we have a pretty good excuse as to why! 

Let’s see, this Saturday is Scott’s birthday party.  Today he informed me that since it has a Mexican theme not only do we need ice cold Coronas, but also a piƱata.  Uh, ok. I will add it to my list.  

Next week my little sister graduates, again.  Her party got boxed up and shipped off over a week ago but there are still a few finishing touches to get in the mail this week.  We will have to have her do a guest post for us since we are not able to attend the party. Boo. Hoo.

After that, it is just graduation after graduation!  Lizzy’s, Tasha’s and Shelby’s to get ready for not to mention the ones we just get to attend!  And  add some visiting parents to the mix and that is our month of May! 

Stay tuned, party details to follow.   But for now, off to bed! SweetDreamsAre_Thumb_1

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