Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bridal Shower Brunch


Saturday we hosted a bridal shower for one of the cutest, sweetest brides ever.  With the help of her family, his family and their friends, they pulled off planning a wedding in a week!  All in order for the couple to be happily married before he got deployed.  (Which he has yet happen and is a story for another post!) 

We decided a Pampered Chef shower was the way to go and they got everything on their list plus more!  

We borrowed several of the white serving pieces  from Ro, our consultant and the brunch buffet turned out beautifully. 



There are lots of people to thank for all their help with this. 

1.  Jennifer, for ironing all the tablecloths!

2. Brian, for buying Laura a Cricut for Christmas so we could make all the cute toaster, mixer and coffee pot picks.

3. Ro, for being such an accommodating Pampered Chef Consultant and spending an entire day with us.

4. Everyone who signed up to bring food and who stayed to wash the dishes.

5. Lauren, for the awesome granola recipe, and the idea for the party!  Keep those links coming!

6.  The bride, the groom and their wonderful families.

Did I mention Laura’s Cricut?  Oh, yes I did.  Thanks Laura!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

All things Faux Bois


I have a slight love for all things faux bois.  Did you see this? 


Chocolate-Almond Wood-Grain Bark

This is what Mom had for us to test out over Christmas.  Of course, she had ordered all the necessary materials and all I had to do was make it happen. It turned out great and when we packaged it all up it looked just like the picture!


Here is another great idea, among thousands I am sure, but this one looks realistic and inexpensive.  They would be great for a centerpiece for a woodland themed party! 


Ok, back to work for me.  I am still trying to recover from Christmas, if you can’t tell by my lack of blog posts! 

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