Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art Party

My daughter Tasha is heading off to college to study graphic design. Her high school graduation party was a perfect place to showcase her own artwork as well as the artistic elements of “let it be done”. Yes, we make and bake food and desserts, but what we really enjoy is putting together the presentation and making it personal.
DSC01474 DSC01468
A welcome wreath decorated with bright colored artist tools
DSC01470 DSC01478
Some of Tasha’s artwork…
DSC01484 DSC01487
Kellee and Laura’s artwork
DSC01488 DSC01489
DSC01490 DSC01491 
DSC01492 DSC01493
The Menu
DSC01471 DSC01473
A Take Home treat
She is ready for Concordia, Nebraska!
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