Friday, March 1, 2013

10 in 10 Thursday Style

Lauren  suggested we all do a 10 in 10.  10 pictures in 10 hours.   Here goes.

Breakfast. She eats a huge breakfast!

Coffee and list making go hand in hand.

Lunch.  Yes, I make heart shaped sandwiches every day.
Sleeping cutie.

Grace coming out of school.

Josie coming out of school. Why they didn't come out together I don't know.

Supper staple.  A veggie plate.

Choir Assessment about The Sound of Music! It's due Friday, you know.
She's lost three teeth this week.

She's lost one.

And I spent my evening pondering how to transform this thrift store  steal.    

I forgot to get a picture of my mid afternoon coffee with Laura :)  And several other things that went on yesterday. For not having anything on my calendar, it turned into a busy day!
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