Friday, March 1, 2013

10 in 10 Thursday Style

Lauren  suggested we all do a 10 in 10.  10 pictures in 10 hours.   Here goes.

Breakfast. She eats a huge breakfast!

Coffee and list making go hand in hand.

Lunch.  Yes, I make heart shaped sandwiches every day.
Sleeping cutie.

Grace coming out of school.

Josie coming out of school. Why they didn't come out together I don't know.

Supper staple.  A veggie plate.

Choir Assessment about The Sound of Music! It's due Friday, you know.
She's lost three teeth this week.

She's lost one.

And I spent my evening pondering how to transform this thrift store  steal.    

I forgot to get a picture of my mid afternoon coffee with Laura :)  And several other things that went on yesterday. For not having anything on my calendar, it turned into a busy day!


Adriane said...

How cute, sis! I love your day . . . and all the little cuties that are in it.

Gretchen said...

Looks like a fun/ordinary day. The best kind. (Except for the homework and maybe the veggies.)

Heather said...

Cute photos Kel! I always love seeing the sleeping babies :)

I would like to see more of this thrifted furniture as well as the crocheted yellow piece on your couch.

DeAnn Hein said...

I love it!Heart shaped sandwiches and all!

Lauren said...

Love sleeping babies. And it sounds like the Tooth Fairy is getting quite the workout at your house.

Can't wait for the hutch pictures "before" and "after."

Mom said...

Whoa, that's a lot of lost teeth! And I have some of the most adorable sleeping cuties-whether they are up and at'em or sound asleep.
But that was an unusual day for you--there was not ONE cookie to be seen anywhere! Whatkindealisthat??

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