Friday, July 16, 2010

How to Get Inspired in 3 Easy Steps

Coffee and Wine 

1.  If it is morning, drink lots of coffee.

2.  If it is afternoon, drink lots of coffee and wine.

3.  Spend lots of time on the computer looking at blogs and getting lots of really great ideas. 

Now, if you do those things, you will have sufficiently run out of time and you will have to jump up and get to work right away which will result in the things for your next party getting accomplished! 

I personally don’t recommend this method of inspiration, but I do strictly adhere to it :) 

I will also say that the inspiration for the party tonight came as a result of drinking some great bottles of Cupcake Vineyards Wines.  From that and a trip to their Web site, the cupcake and wine tasting party was born.

Once that was established, we set to work on the details.  Really cute paper plates lead to the color scheme and a new cookbook called Booze Cakes (which Laura wrote about earlier)  rounded out the finishing touches on the decor and the menu.

Look for pictures soon and wish Briee a very Happy 21st Birthday!  


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