Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cookie Cutter Inventory

In an effort to better organize my cookie cutters and in a search for some cutters for a few non cookie projects I have going,  I decided to take a count of how  many cutters  I actually have.

293 is all.

Yes Laura, I counted your new woodland animal set from Ikea as mine.  I think I will count the Star Wars ones too.  That brings the count to 297.  

I personally don’t think that this number qualifies me for an episode of Hoarders but you may beg to differ.

Are you looking to add a few cutters to your collection?  Check out Fancy Flours for some beautiful sets.  

Wreath Set from Fancy Flours

Cookie Cutters 4 Less is good too.  They are out of Fort Wayne. Hello sisters, how did we not know this when you lived there?!

Happy Baking!

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