Friday, December 17, 2010

Not So Secret Recipe

I don't really believe that there should be secret recipes. I think the FNM has a page each month called Copy That for that exact reason. They don't think there should be secret recipes either :) Pretty much recipes are meant to be shared. They provide life long memories and get passed down from generation to generation. Whether they are written down on a piece of scratch paper or typed up in an email with a fabulous running commentary (Adriane) or just passed on by word of mouth, they are always best when shared.

So to the person who asked for the Cranberry Spritzer recipe, here you go.

Mix 1 part cranberry juice to 1 part Sprite. Pour over ice and enjoy!

Good for any occasion but best when enjoyed with a giant plate of anything Mom is serving after 10:00pm.

Here is a link  to some great downloadable recipe cards for you to share your best recipes with your friends.The one pictured above is called Mamie.  Just in time for a last minute Christmas gift.
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