Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I have a litle girl taking a nap on my lap which makes it difficult for me to do much of anything. I have plenty to do but I can't exactly review my council minutes effectively with a somewhat wiggly baby near my keyboard and there is no point in updating the spreadsheet that is the guest list for the HT reception with little tiny feet in my way.

Instead, I hop from link to link, one blog to the next looking at fablous pictures and reading other people's meal plans for the week, hopelessly daydreaming about all things relatively irrelevant.

Lucky for you though, I stumbled across this blog thanks to a link on TasteSpotting. She has some pretty yummy looking stuff on here, some really great pictures and she can expain the science behind her cooking and baking. I am amazed.

I think I will definatly give the fudge a try. And I will let you how it turns out.
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