Monday, August 13, 2012

Help wanted. Or help needed is more like it.

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I have been scouring the internet for the best way to organize my family photos.  After returning home from vacation with hundreds of new pictures to file, I am hoping to find a organizing method that I can use from here on out.

My biggest problem is that I have an interesting assortment of things that need to be organized.  I have photos of my grandparents, I have a few of our parents, I have some baby pictures of both Scott and me.  I have high school pictures, I have college pictures and then I have pictures of all our college friends that got married. I have our wedding pictures and our life together ever since then.  You know, two apartments, two homes and three cute little girls later, all those pictures.

Fortunately, I have some of these pictures organized by month and year or by event.  So I guess what my main goal is in all of this is to have these pictures organized AND accessible!  And from what I read, having a goal is the best place to start!

Here are a few ideas I have come across that I like so far.

Cherry at Pursuing Heart

Jen at IHeart Organizing always has good stuff.

This one is great too.

Anyone have any great photo organizing tips they want to share with me? 
(Not you Mom:) I will come help you when I am done) 

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