Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ikea,Pyrex and other fun but unnecessary things

Picture taken from Country Living MagazineQuite the combo, I know.   This past week was filled with the most interesting mix of projects and tasks I think I have  ever had.   Most of my family will be here today today for Thanksgiving so I have been doing the usual cooking and cleaning to prepare for company. 

Another thing I really like to do before company comes is add lots of unnecessary projects to my list.  It’s like an instant deadline to get everything done I have been putting off  and obviously it runs in our family, right Lauren? And MOM? 

So while I have plenty of things to blog and lots of Thanksgiving recipes to share,  I now have to get up and get back to work.  But you can hop on over to Jan’s blog and check out our trip to Ikea last Friday and see what we did with our time together!

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