Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maybe I should stop wondering and start working.


I often find myself wondering  things. Why can’t I get anything done?  Why is my birthday a month past and I have not sent out any thank you notes?  Do you think these plums will turn into fabulous jelly all by themselves?  When do you think the girls will be able to wash their own hair?  And get all the soap out?  Will I survive a 1st birthday and two 10th birthdays in one week?

Sometimes I think if I had less stuff going on, I could get more stuff done.  While this may be true, I have figured a few things out when it comes to stuff getting done.

1.  Nothing is more important than the things I do for my family. 

2.  Dirty clothes and dishes don’t wash themselves but they will wait patiently until after everyone goes to bed. 

3.  And the things we do for others are the most rewarding when they are done because we are able to do them and for no other reason. 

October gets kind of crazy at our house.  We celebrate our anniversary and all the girls birthdays.  We have my sisters coming to visit.  The girls have changed their mind about what they want to be for Halloween at least 100 times already.  And that is just the family stuff!   We have a whole bunch of things going on at church that will be  great to attend (and maybe plan too :)  and I am sure there are things going on at school that I am not even aware of yet.

And on top of all that I am so thankful that I have time to fill in at church, get together for coffee dates, help Scott clean off his desk,  watch the big girls chase the little girl around the chair and read books before I tuck everyone into bed. 

I love being busy.  It forces me to slow down so I don’t miss out on anything. 

So tomorrow I start my list for October, mostly so I don’t forget anything.  And I think I will start with this for the birthday festivities. 



This is one of the cutest blogs I have come across lately and I am using all her great party stuff for the girls birthday party.  Stay tuned for all the details. 

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