Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cookie Cutter Inventory

In an effort to better organize my cookie cutters and in a search for some cutters for a few non cookie projects I have going,  I decided to take a count of how  many cutters  I actually have.

293 is all.

Yes Laura, I counted your new woodland animal set from Ikea as mine.  I think I will count the Star Wars ones too.  That brings the count to 297.  

I personally don’t think that this number qualifies me for an episode of Hoarders but you may beg to differ.

Are you looking to add a few cutters to your collection?  Check out Fancy Flours for some beautiful sets.  

Wreath Set from Fancy Flours

Cookie Cutters 4 Less is good too.  They are out of Fort Wayne. Hello sisters, how did we not know this when you lived there?!

Happy Baking!


Lauren said...

Sister FAIL.

Mom said...

Not good, not good at all. . .
How DID this happen????

Adriane said...

Step AWAY from the cutters . . .

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