Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today’s Little Lifesaver

If you like to make cutout cookies, put this on your must have list!  It rolls dough to the perfect thickness and you can chose your desired thickness by changing the rubber rings.  Now my cookies turn out perfect every time! KitchenKrafts 

Country Kitchen SweetArt

Here are some great rolling pins tips and pointers.


Displaced Iowan said...

Gee. Thanks. "My cookies turn out perfect every time." Way to stick it to the rest of us who could still screw up the cookies even with your little rolling pin ring of awesomeness!!!!!

(BTW, my word verification is busemati. Isn't that a rice?)

JAN said...

I just saw that at Walmart and talked myself out of buying one. I'm sure I'll be back there soon. And yes Kellee's cookies always turn out perfect.

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