Monday, February 7, 2011

A trip to the orthodontist


Thanks  to our incredible friends, we continue to have parties to plan and food to prepare!  Check out this set up for the Weld County Dental Society hosted by Richter Orthodontics.  Thanks especially to Cheri for thinking of us!



These teeth may be in need of some straightening!

hummus 2

Homemade White Bean Hummus served with

pita chips and fresh veggies.



Tomatoes stuffed with the wonderful BLT dip.


skewers 1

The famous turkey, cheddar, tomato and pickle skewers with the sweet honey mustard dip.



For the health nuts.



We even made the most of the dental utensils.


Adriane said...

ADORABLE! It almost makes me want to go to the dentist. Almost.

Lauren said...

You guys did such a wonderful job! My mom was so proud to have you there :)

Lauren said...

Whoa. Another Lauren. Very cool. I read the comment and thought, "Uh, why did I write that?"

Kel, that was super cute. I love how you used the dental tools.

Tamara said...

Ben looked over my shoulder and said "why can't you do stuff like that?" Very cute stuff.

JAN said...

Nice work Kelllee and Laura! You guys are amazing! I love everything.

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