Friday, April 29, 2011

Cookie Catch Up

Someone  left a comment the other day wondering where the pictures of the donut cookies were.  I think that it was a nice way of that someone asking if I had any left cause Dad ate them all and didn’t share. :)

So in an attempt to play catch up before I bake again tomorrow, here are some cookies from recent events.


These music notes and treble clefs were from

Briee’s Senior Recital.



The donut cookies went in Dad’s Easter basket.




The dollar signs were for our last FPU class.


And the onsies for a baby shower.


Last one, I promise. Easter cookies.


On tomorrow’s agenda, cookies for grads, cookies for moms, cookies for selling your house and maybe a few others.  Stay tuned!


JAN said...

These cookies are amazing!!! I seriously don't know anyone who can decorate a cookie as well as you.

JAN said...
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Lauren said...

I'm with Jan. I've seen cookies at shops that sell specialty cookies and they don't look anywhere near this professional. You are amazing, Kel.

Anonymous said...

The doughnut cookies are thee cutest!

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