Monday, September 12, 2011

Cookie Catch Up

I realized I have fallen behind on my cookie picture posting.  Here are  cookies from the month of August.



Chickens and Iowa  for Mom’s farm chick party.





Class Reunion cookies. Yes, I graduated in 1991.


80th Birthday Party. These are by far the coolest cookies I have made.  Not the actual making of them.  They way they turned out.


I have more to bake and frost this week.  Maybe I won’t take so long on the pictures this time!


Lynne said...

All the cool kids graduated in 1991.

I love the flower cookies. Almost too pretty to eat!

Adriane said...

Why do I feel both awesome and awful when I see how good you are at this? Hmmm.

Mom said...

Adriane, that's perfectly normal. You ought to be in her mother's shoes. Nothing but awe here. I just keep sending her cookie cutters and feel like I should get some sort of credit somewhere for that!

Tamara said...

You never fail to amaze me. I love the chicken cute. I also agree with Lynne - the bug ones are too pretty to eat. Mama Dorr gets credit for having such a talented daughter. Come to think of it...three pretty darn talented girls.

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