Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Basket Making!

We couldn't let May Day go by with out making a few May baskets for our teachers at school.   I have fond memories of making them when I was little.  The combination of gumdrops and popcorn really can't be beat!

I see all over the internet that it is Teacher Appreciation Week and there are tons of cute gifts to make.  And while all those things are right up my alley, we opted for the traditional May basket with all the fixings.

Gum Drops
Paper cups

We did mix it up a bit by including a cute paper cone made from a vintage book page.  I didn't get any cute tags made like I wanted to but we did pack our baskets in some vintage Pyrex and off to school they went!

 Happy May Day!


JAN said...

Very cute! Happy May Day!

Adriane said...

Those are the prettiest little May basket makers I've ever seen!

Mom said...

Oh, and yes, Happy May Day to all of you girls--right here in the middle of the month.

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