Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese

Saturday night our Dinner Club group from church met for the first time.  We had a wonderful meal that included tortilla roll ups and queso for appetizers, a build your own taco bar, fresh fruit and Cupid's floats for dessert.

We had Pastor's famous Beer Margaritas to drink, played a rousing game of Outburst and had a lovely time just catching up and chatting with friends from church for more than the usual 5 minutes.

I was responsible for the queso.  I have recently fallen in love with the chips and queso from Qdoba so I set out to find a copy cat recipe to try for this occasion.

I found it here, from a quick Google search of "copycat Qdoba queso." 

I did use Velveeta where it called for American cheese.  So with that and some peppers compliments of Jan, I was all set. 

I  highly recommend you make this tonight. And probably tomorrow too. And if you need to take something to your Super Bowl Party Sunday, make  it for that too.

Here is the batch from Qdoba I had the other day.  Oddly enough, there isn't any of the batch I made left  for me to photograph. 

The Cupid's Floats can be found on Pinterest.  Vanilla ice cream topped with Cherry 7-UP, whipped cream and a cherry. 

At our house ice cream + pop= Volcanic Eruption.  Dad, be sure to add this to your VE menu.  You will love it.


Mom said...

I'll give it/them a try!

dad said...

I'll take all of it right now. At my age I get about two spoonfuls of soup every 18 hours with a little boiled cabbage thrown in for dessert. Since mom will do anything you recommend you are a God send and I'll let you know if her's is as tasty as your's. Keep the ideas coming.

JAN said...

That looks so good. I could eat just that for a meal. I can't believe you used a paper plate as a background. ;)

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