Saturday, July 6, 2013

Getting it Together

I consider myself a fairly organized person.  I am busy with the girls,  I manage to keep up with the house, and I have plenty of time for baking and cooking.

I am  also able to waste time with the best of them.  I could look at Pinterest for hours and rearrange Pyrex all day if that was an option!

The one thing that I have found that keeps me on track the best is a dead line.  Sure, I have tons of stuff that I would like to do but if it doesn't come attached to a specific date, there is a good chance it may never happen.

That being said, I have some new deadlines and I am pretty excited to get to work.  July is filled with fun little summer things. The splash park, baseball games, bike riding and lemonade stands.  I also have cookies orders and a few other events to get planned.  All this because August means vacation, a visit from Grandma, a big birthday and back to school!

So here I go, off to get to work on my ever growing lists.  Here are a few projects I am most looking forward to.

1.  Painting  4 folding chairs and giving them fabric seats.
2.  Moving Cil to a twin bed which means some serious room rearranging.
3.  Finding a home for all the books I have been stashing away in boxes.
4. Some patio decor that is yet to be determined.
5.  Figuring out how to make a decent cinnamon roll.  Jan? Can you help me?

What's your summer list look like?


Heather said...

I love your sweet lemonade stand! Did the girls do well with their new business?

Ugh...patio decor is the bane of my existence as a housewife. I fail there like no other. Can't wait to see what you do!

Gretchen said...

Deadlines rule. I can't get anything done unless it's on my task list or calendar. I'm also interested in your porch decor, so give it--and a followup post--a deadline, will ya?

JAN said...

Do I need to bring cinnamon rolls when we get together next time? I can never find your house unless your porch is decorated so get to it!

Mom said...

The list is just out and it sounds like you have about half of it whacked off already. (I got the lowdown on your progress from the NSA twin crocheters tonight whilst you were upstairs slaving away. Wasn't it a bit warm for furniture hauling???)

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