Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Buntings may be the theme of the month this month. Lauren texted me pictures of a few new ones she was working on. That was followed by a Facebook conversation in which her husband may or may not have tried to curb the bunting production at her house.   My cousin posted pictures of a cute bunting she was working on for her little boy's play room.  (She blogs at Husband, Wife, Blessed Life and we love lots of the same things.) I have plans to put this bunting print bedding to use in Cil's room this week which means I will need to make a new one for her too.  All this made me think that we have a lot of buntings at our house.  They are pretty, they are colorful, they are inexpensive and they add a new dimension to the space that they fill.  As an added bonus, they take very little time to make. Unless you are mom and you ask for my help. Then they take forever, right Mom?   So let me give you a bunting tour of my home.

The living room.

All the extra buntings that live in the basement.

Cil's room.

This one is a gift from Lauren and I love it!  It is currently draped across the island. 

 There are buntings in Grace and Josie's room and in our room.  I just don't have pictures of ALL of them!  I am sure this trend will disappear as quickly as it came but for now, I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

Pictures are all courtesy of Jan.  I know this surprises you.  She's like my own personal photographer.



Mom said...

Why reinvent the wheel? It would be like me learning to decorate cookies. It is just too easy to call you and ask you to do it!
(You are my "That was easy" button!)

Lauren said...

You bake and frost amazing cookies. Me? I sew straight pieces of paper. #lame

JAN said...

Why don't you have photos of all of your buntings? Oh, wait. It's because I'm not there to photograph them for you. ;) Next time I'm over I'll make sure I get a photo of every. single. one. of. them. Deal?

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