Monday, November 15, 2010

Note to self. Finish one thing before beginning another.


Strangely enough, I like to have a lot of things going on all at once.  As I have turned my attention to the wedding reception next weekend, the hand made things I want to work on for Christmas and the fact the Thanksgiving is next Thursday, I realized that I have not even posted the pictures from the birthday party that was in October.  So for everyone who has been so patiently waiting to see how it all turned out, here you go!

Thanks to Briee and Tasha and Ryan for all their help with the games and the activities and the face painting.   And thanks to Tasha and Jan for bringing their wonderful cameras and getting such great pictures. Last but not least, thanks to Laura, for helping with pretty much everything.  It was a great party.


Adriane said...

You have beautiful, wonderful girls, and they have a caring, dedicated mom. I think everyone wins.

confessionalcook said...

Not to mention the wonderful friend who does all the other fabulous mom/grandma stuff that makes for a perfect occasion.

dad said...

Priscilla looks like she told a joke in the first two pictures and in the final one is letting everybody in on it and expecting laughter while leaning into it. Do you remember her punch line? Was it something like, 'so you see, when you're the youngest and cutest everybody follows you around'? Looks like a boat load of fun and everybody was rowing away.

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