Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh Wow.

Links to a variety of food related things frequently land in my in box.  But this week I have been bombarded with way too many not  to share.  

Thanks to Mom for this one.  And a special thanks to Dad for reading the WSJ for his WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!

Read the whole article here.

And the more accurate description of making the cake here.


And then my sister Lauren sent this tonight.  STOP THE MADNESS!

(It wouldn’t let me copy the picture.  Just go check it out, you won’t regret it!)

So, there you have some food for thought.  Ha ha ha.


confessionalcook said...

Sensory overload on this post! wow.

dad said...

No, no, no. Sensory overload is just an idea, it can never happen. Somebody needs to get to work and report back and these items. I mean anybody can buy a turkey, pitch it in the oven and pull it out five hours later. I've even done that. The pulling it out part. And then carved it. OK, I'll be waiting for band to start playing and the fireworks to declare that the test results are in.

Mom said...

Don't you dare bring that thing to Iowa at Christmas!

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