Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Good Advice


I am pretty sure that this woman wrote this post just for me.  I know we have never met, but I feel like she is fully aware of the small disaster that is my kitchen/dining room table when it comes time to decorate cookies.  

So hop on over to Sweetopia and read up on all her great tips on organized cookie decorating.  There are lots of other great ideas and suggestions so I bet you will be stuck there for a while!  Happy reading!

I only have one suggestion to add.  Don’t wait until 9:00pm to start your decorating like I do.  It only results in chaos and chastising from Green Bay fans.  (See example below)  And me committing to redo do them pending a Packers victory on Sunday. 


1 comment:

Adriane said...

Freaking adorable. I don't even know who's playing in the Super Bowl, but still . . .

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